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試験科目:CompTIA A+ Recertification Exam for Continuing Education
問題と解答:全260問 RC0-903 資格取得

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NO.1 Ann, a user, reports her docked mobile workstation will periodically lose her network share
drive and lose video to the second monitor. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of this
A. Failed driver updates for the workstation's devices.
B. The workstation battery needs to be replaced.
C. The NIC is functioning intermittently.
D. The surge protector lost AC power.
Answer: D

RC0-903 初心者   

NO.2 A technician is troubleshooting a PC with multiple volumes. To verify which are active and
assigned drive letters, the technician should use the LIST function of which of the following
A. chkdsk
B. bootrec
C. extract
D. diskpart
Answer: D

RC0-903 解説集   

NO.3 A technician is tasked with setting up a workstation in a new location.
The technician realizes there is no network connectivity and the workstation's NIC does not have a
link light.
Given the connection in the wall is correctly labeled, which of the following would be BEST for the
technician to use NEXT?
A. A punchdown tool
B. A tone generator
C. A cable tester
D. A multimeter
Answer: C

NO.4 An administrator has a virtual client running but cannot receive network connectivity. The host
workstation is able to access the network. Which of the following would the administrator check on
the host to repair the problem?
A. Virtual host network adapter
B. The domain of the virtual machine
C. USB host adapter
D. The cable connected to the network
Answer: A

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