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NO.1 The nurse is working with families who have been displaced by a fire in an apartment complex.
What is the priority intervention during the initial assessment?
A. Provide a liaison to meet housing needs.
B. Offer nurturing support for clients who are confused by the events.
C. Attentively listen when clients describe their feelings.
D. Provide structure for clients exhibiting moderate to severe anxiety.
Answer: A

NCLEX-PN 問題数   NCLEX-PN ガイド   
After physical needs of housing, clothing and food are met, the nurse should focus on assisting clients
to manage the psychological effects of loss.Psychosocial Integrity

NO.2 A middle-aged woman tells the nurse that she has been experiencing irregular menses for the
past six months. The nurse should assess the woman for other symptoms of:
A. climacteric.
B. menopause.
C. perimenopause.
D. postmenopause.
Answer: C

NCLEX-PN 模擬   
Perimenopause refers to a period of time in which hormonal changes occur gradually, ovarian
function diminishes, and menses become irregular. Perimenopause lasts approximately five years.
Climacteric is a term applied to the period of life in which physiologic changes occur and result in
cessation of a woman's reproductive ability and lessened sexual activity in males. The term applies to
both genders. Climacteric and menopause are interchangeable terms when used for females.
Menopause is the period when permanent cessation of menses has occurred. Postmenopause refers
to the period after the changes accompanying menopause are complete.Health Promotion and

NO.3 After 12 months of cessation of menses, which of the following assessment findings in a client
who is taking hormone replacement therapy should the nurse report to the physician immediately?
A. fluid retention
B. uterine bleeding
C. breast tenderness
D. weight gain
Answer: B

NCLEX-PN 教育   NCLEX-PN 認定デベロッパー   
Uterine bleeding on combination hormone replacement therapy, after 12 months of menses
cessation, indicates an increased risk of carcinoma and should be reported to the physician
immediately. Breast tenderness, weight gain, and fluid retention are all routine side effects
ofhormone replacement therapy. They should be noted in the record and reported to the physician,
but they are not urgent.Health Promotion and Maintenance

NO.4 A client with jaundice has which skin color?
A. pink
B. yellow
C. pale
D. ruddy
Answer: B

NCLEX-PN 日本語版   NCLEX-PN 予想   
Jaundice turns the skin yellow. The other skin colors are not symptoms of jaundice.
Physiological Adaptation

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