CISM 日本語参考 - CISM 必殺問題集


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CISM試験番号:CISM キャリアパス
試験科目:「Certified Information Security Manager」

>> CISM キャリアパス


NO.1 The cost of implementing a security control should not exceed the:
A. cost of an incident.
B. annualized loss expectancy.
C. asset value.
D. implementation opportunity costs.
Answer: C

CISM 出題   
The cost of implementing security controls should not exceed the worth of the asset. Annualized
loss expectancy represents the losses drat are expected to happen during a single calendar year. A
security mechanism may cost more than this amount (or the cost of a single incident) and still be
considered cost effective. Opportunity costs relate to revenue lost by forgoing the acquisition of an
item or the making of a business decision.

NO.2 Which of the following is MOST appropriate for inclusion in an information security strategy?
A. Business controls designated as key controls
B. Security processes, methods, tools and techniques
C. Budget estimates to acquire specific security tools
D. Firewall rule sets, network defaults and intrusion detection system (IDS) settings
Answer: B

CISM 合格率   CISM 返済   
A set of security objectives, processes, methods, tools and techniques together constitute a security
strategy. Although IT and business governance are intertwined, business controls may not be
included in a security strategy. Budgets will generally not be included in an information security
strategy. Additionally, until information security strategy is formulated and implemented, specific
tools will not be identified and specific cost estimates will not be available. Firewall rule sets,
network defaults and intrusion detection system (IDS) settings are technical details subject to
periodic change, and are not appropriate content for a strategy document.

NO.3 When a security standard conflicts with a business objective, the situation should be resolved
A. performing a risk analysis.
B. authorizing a risk acceptance.
C. changing the security standard.
D. changing the business objective.
Answer: A

CISM 必殺   
Conflicts of this type should be based on a risk analysis of the costs and benefits of allowing or
disallowing an exception to the standard. It is highly improbable that a business objective could be
changed to accommodate a security standard, while risk acceptance* is a process that derives from
the risk analysis.

NO.4 Successful implementation of information security governance will FIRST require:
A. updated security policies.
B. a computer incident management team.
C. a security architecture.
D. security awareness training.
Answer: A

CISM 参考   
Updated security policies are required to align management objectives with security procedures;
management objectives translate into policy, policy translates into procedures. Security procedures
will necessitate specialized teams such as the computer incident response and management group
as well as specialized tools such as the security mechanisms that comprise the security architecture.
Security awareness will promote the policies, procedures and appropriate use of the security

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